Who am I?

From an early age I always felt different, as if I came from another planet. I
remember in my childhood the wickedness of other children towards me, I was a very shy and sweet little girl, so I did not defend myself. The gift I had at the time was to continue a dream: I went to sleep, something woke me up and I decided the rest of the dream, I controlled the dream. I also had a lot of intense nightmares, so the fear of sleeping took over and I closed myself.

Krystel Voyance - Who am I

At the beginning of my adolescence I was still shy so, of course, I experienced bullying at school, I had small health problems and an accident that made me not continue my studies . Accident that my mother had seen, she did not want me out of the house, but I didn’t listen to her, but fortunately I did not have anything serious. She had a lot of intuition she could feel and see the dangers and I inherited her gift probably because my blood is O negative like hers.

In my early twenties, I became interested in esoteric things because I felt the energy of people, animals, trees and I wanted to understand the true meaning of life and develop the potential that was in me.
Around the age of 25, I went to a spiritual retreat and when I came back from there, my third eye was open. It was fantastic, I had lots of informations that came to me in visions or thoughts, I knew things about strangers, could see the aura and I could know who would win the hockey game without ever watching a single game.

Later, too many strange things and certain dangers began to arrive to the point where I was really scared. So, my third eye closed somewhat and I lived a more or less normal life because I had flashes that came to me from time to time on past lives and I could still predict certain events.

I also felt at the time a lot of energy in my hands and my curiosity was taking over my fears again! So, I took some courses in magnetism, hypnosis, total biology, naturopathy and I became a Reiki Master. Then I decided to study and work with the tarot of Marseille, playing cards and oracles. The study of tarots led me to make a personal journey, I also began to meditate every day and I developed connections with the deceased, the guides of light, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddesses and all beings of higher dimensions.

I have also done a lot of research in the esoteric field, some other small formations here and there, in short, my curiosity leads me to always wanted to learn everything about the human body in its totality, why things are the way they are and the laws of the universe…
Krystel Voyance - Who am I

Today, I help people to better understand why certain things happen to them, I guide them so that they can make the right decisions, get answers to their questions, connect with their spiritual guides and sometimes connect with their loved ones who have died.

And… Of course I am constantly learning new things about the mysteries of life!

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