The World

The World XXI

The World brings the assurance of success, victory and triumph. This card doesn’t indicate overnight success, but rather the accomplishment of a goal that has been steadily worked toward; rewards are well deserved and you will feel delighted with your achievements.

Success, attainment, confidence, happiness, a sense of completion and fulfilments are all indicated..

Character: People who work for the public and those who work in all places where there are many people and in crowds. International stars, celebrities, important public figures known throughout the world and all those who give performances; animators, singers, actors who speak and sing in front of crowds. The great travelers who go around the world and all those who regularly travel by planes out of their country. Foreigners who live in other countries, who visit our country or immigrants. The crowd, the public, the others, everyone and anyone and… The Universe.


Social affairs, social activities (parties, concerts, shows). Success, Popularity, Achievement, Opportunity, Happiness, Plenitude, Great Prospects, Facilitates, Development, Competition, Expansion, Openness to the World, Community, Sustainable and Fertile Union, Favorable Circumstances, Chance, Freedom to Travel where we want, To be in harmony with others, rewards of the Universe, completion, mastery, power, ambition, love of children, kindness, loyalty, rewarded efforts and sacrifices, good move or nice trip, departure of the children of the house, new adventures, immigration to another country, going around the world, we love the crowds, we go out a lot and we meet a lot of people. International companies.

Reversed or in opposition: Dependence on external influences, excessive and unrealistic ambitions, incompleteness, hostile crowd, necessary sacrifice, failed trials or activities, imperfect tasks, fruitless efforts, egocentrism, hypocritical friendships and relationships, you are wrongly advised, narrow-minded, dishonesty. You are not ready yet, late in moving or traveling. Unfavorable environment, bad for relations abroad, communication problems with others or with strangers coming from other countries. To cut oneself off from the world or to not give a damn about the world.

Location: All public places, crowds, pleasant places, other countries, other planets, the cosmos.
Anatomy: The five senses, the feet.

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