Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune X

The Wheel of Fortune is also known as the “Destiny” card. It brings a positive change unless the card is upside down and surrounded by negative cards (The Tower, The Moon, The Devil or Death), and may signal the beginning of a new positive cycle.

It is important to make the most of this lucky time because, as with everything, sometimes change is always just around the corner.

Character: All important characters, people called to assume important historical or social roles. All the people who help us make the right choices in our career as guidance counselors and expert advisors in a field that interests us. Those who help us make the changes necessary to start a new life


Destiny, end of a cycle and a new cycle that begins, self-fulfillment that is lived through earthly existences, renewal, evolution, movement, it is time to choose a direction, one is ready to move, easy change, success, reincarnation, abundance, opportunities, positive movement, beneficial journey, good move, liberation, destiny reorient our life, more luck, independence, beneficial occasions are at your fingertips, dynamism, speed of events, believe in destiny!

Reversed or in opposition: The liberation is not for now, obstacles blocking, it is not the time to think about change, you are not ready, caution on your journey or move, delays, change of fortune in bad. Surrounded by negative cards: external energies difficult to control and unpredictable.

Location: Airfield, foreign countries.
Anatomy: Good health, balanced nervous system.

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