The Tower

The Tower XVI

A house that has been built without good foundations must collapse, sooner or later. The Tower represents such situations, for anything that has been built on illusion or false beliefs is coming to an end. In the positive, it means having the ability to see the truth in a matter and to build anew for the future; this time with solid foundations.

With the Tower you have to pay or get paid. The fall is violent or the success spectacular. It can mean the loss of emotional ties or a professional situation.

Character: All people who are upset, in shock, who have just separated, divorced or lost their spouses, those who have just lost their job, those who have just suffered a disaster (fire, flood, etc.). ), who have just been attacked, stolen or any other trauma. People who witness a shocking and unexpected event.


Disruption, failure, collapse of the material world, disaster, it will not happen, setback, project stopped, sudden and unexpected big change, losing face after making a mistake, big shock, getting thrown away from home or unforeseen and necessary moving, serious and urgent problems to solve at home. Danger of accident, fall, bankruptcy, loss of a loved one, loss of employment, arduous conflict, sudden change, very painful situation, natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.) or unnatural disasters (fires, terrorists acts, shootings, explosions, attacks, assaults, etc.) breakup, divorce, serious danger, do not start anything, it is not the time, punishment, urgent operation.

Reversed or in opposition: The Tower can be a positive card when it is upside down or surrounded by good cards: Heritage, grace, revelation, highlighting something, love at first sight, getting paid for debt, an unexpected spectacular success, unforeseen or very important event, discovering the truth about a dishonest person. The worst is over, we must start from scratch and this test will be beneficial. Temporary separation, temporary work stoppage, temporary lease change due to unforeseen circumstances, home problems are not as serious and urgent as you thought. You avoided a near miss serious accident, your health is less worse than expected, you came out stronger from this test and you learned your lesson, you need to start all over again and rebuild on a more solid and realistic basis.

Location: The home, our place, family members or friends house.
Anatomy: The whole spine; neck, back, coccus, head, face, arms, legs, feet, hands, fingers, toes.

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