Temperance XIV

Temperance represents moderation, having patience, the ability to compromise to find satisfactory solutions, diplomacy and cooperation, and balanced emotions.
It is a card of successfully integrating opposite forces.

With harmony and compatibility, it suggest the perfect union. It can also represent a receptive environment for reconciliation to take place.

Character: Electricians, animators and columnists on radio and TV, mediators, magnetizers, healers, dowsers. Our guardian angel. People with a good temperament or a bad temperament (card upside down).


Temper our words and our actions! The current that flows between two people, the bonds that binds us to others through affection, the current in the hands of the healer, the water currents and the radio and TV waves that keep us informed of what happens in the world. Moderation, harmonization, balance, patience, diplomacy, our guardian angel, communication, ease of adaptation, unforeseen, radio, television, electricity. Combining spiritual and material life, speed, recovery, wanting to go too fast, stress that ends, attention to excess, return of a loved one, opposites attract and complement each other, nervousness, excitement, reconciliation of opposites, communication with beyond, harmonious relationships, new contacts, spiritual healing.

Reversed or in opposition: Bad temperament, moderation has better taste! Lack of patience, lack of tolerance, lack of harmony, imbalance, having no moderation in our lives, bad associates, disagreement, separation, unstable nature. Caution warning, too much financial expense, too much stress, do not rush things, return of the love one takes longer, delay, life goes too fast for us, danger with electricity, hyperactivity, anxiety, panic crisis, cutting ties, taking risks, speeding too fast by car or boat.

Location: Central Hydro-Québec, waterways, radio and television stations.
Anatomy: The nervous and lymphatic system, the blood circulation.

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