Strength XI

Female qualities such as patience and diplomacy (as opposed to aggression), combined with the lion’s courage (of the person), will help achieve the required results and bring success. This force is inner, positive and dynamic.

We face life by winning. One projects and accomplishes one’s projects thanks to this inner strength.

Character: Woman around 18 to 60 years strong and passionate, combative with a good libido, free and independent. All athletes, Olympic athletes, coaches, motivators and life coach. All jobs related to manual work requiring strength, courage and endurance. Fighters, bodyguards, security guards, firefighters, club doorman.

La Force


Physical strength and / or inner strength, competitive and endurance sports, domination of the test, willpower, trying to tame or control someone (child, teenager or adult) an animal or something, instability, physical work, tenacity, determination, tour de force, courage, self-confidence, discipline, patience, ambition, perseverance, emotions, realization, sensuality, carnal passion, success, magnetism, victory of a fight, conquest, intense activity, balance of power, fierce competition, frankness, winning attitude, exceeding one’s limits, power, luck, quick event, very good health.

Reversed or in opposition: The game is far from being won in advance, energy poorly spent, violence, jealousy, anger, passion exacerbated, intense and uncontrollable power relations, we try to impose you something or someone, cruelty, loss of work, bragging, victim of superior forces, burning the candle at both ends, poorly mastered instinct, quarrels, risk of violence, aggression, danger of losing control of his emotions, attention action which includes great risks, overestimating your strength, pushing yourself out, burnout.

Location: Construction sites, fire stations, bars, places of fighting or high risk, sports centers, the stock market.
Anatomy: The muscles, tendons and the nervous system.

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