The Star

The Star XVII

The Star is a card of hope; it brings a sense of optimist and tell us to have faith, safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead of us.

The Star can bring healing after illness. Success is attainable by the light of the Star. In relationships, it can show the healing of rifts, harmonious living conditions, and hope for the future.

Character: Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, artists, writers, poets. All people who have a mission (gurus, spiritual guides, Dalai Lama etc.) or are on a humanitarian mission to help people in need (Red Cross, Unicef etc.) or for the planet (Greenpeace etc.).


Hope, luck, mission, faith, healing, aspiration, success, wishes fulfilled, the impossible can become possible, miracle, invisible protection, love, truth, beauty, intuition, success, vocation, artistic talents, good medical results, good news, success at work, promotion, inspiration, artistic creation, success in love, believe in your dreams, meeting the man or woman of his life, sweetness, sincerity, dedication. Also to calculate the time (weeks, months, years).

Reversed or in opposition: Chase your unrealistic fantasies and get to work (help yourself and heaven will help you), which was once a dream is no longer tempting you today, your work or your partner does not bring you joy or pleasure anymore. Success is delayed, believe in yourself and your dreams, you must deepen your knowledge before you start. You do not use your artistic talents that could help you a lot with your emotions or your work. Trouble about the meaning of the mission.

Location: Monasteries, places of convalescence, rest, silence and healings. All places where there is art and artists.
Anatomy: The kidneys and the bladder.

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