The Moon

The Moon XVIII

The Moon represents illusionary situations, possible deceptions and feeling of uncertainty.
Emotions are highly charged and fluctuating, like a pendulum swinging back and forth.

Due to the mystical associations of the Moon, it can also show that our dreams are becoming more vivid as the subconscious reveals itself to us. Our feelings, our intuition and our gut instincts are heightened.

There is usually far more to a situation than first meets the eye and it would be wise to be watchful but not to act in haste, taking time until the situation as revealed itself more clearly.

Character: In connection with the energies of the moon, the feminine, the water, the unconscious and the Mother Goddess. Grandmother, mother, wife, spouse, partner, sister, pregnant woman, midwife and baby. People who live or work on a boat, people who work in water treatment plants or any other work related to water or the subconscious.


Emotions, sensibilities, fears, doubts, shadows, night, the unconscious, intuition, rituals of magic, invisible world, imaginary world, pregnancy, birth, fertility, mystery, kindness, sweetness, love of home. Needs of emotional stability, communication with the invisible, someone is hiding something, trust your intuition, stop denying your past and let your tears flow, emotional healing, to be at the end of a cycle. Desires and emotions are too intense. Very rarely: money and fortune if surrounded by beautiful cards.

Reversed or in opposition: Deception, lies, infidelities, betrayals, risks, mistrust, hesitation, loss of time, contradictions, problems, quibbles, misunderstandings, phobias, anxiety, sensitivity and excessive imagination, you need to face reality, affective changes. Problems with the mother, motherhood, your femininity or with women. Problems with your pregnancy, getting pregnant or with the baby. It would be best to detach yourself from a person or a situation. What you want is not good for you. This path is not the right one. You have a bad perception of the world, the receptivity is slow and the distraction at its height. As a result: No. Danger in water or by water, drowning.

Location: The sea, the water, places where there are only women or rituals of magic.
Anatomy: Stomach, digestive and nervous systems, pineal gland.

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