The Magician

The Magician I

The magician’s message is to inform you that you have all the skills and abilities necessary to successfully complete a task and carry it out. As the magician, you must apply yourself with concentration and willpower to succeed, but you have all the potential to do it.

It’s a moment of action and initiative in any new company. You must be confident that you are heading in the right direction.

Visualize and manifest the positive change as the magician. Also represents the awakening and crown chakra that begins to open in very spiritual people.

Character: Young man under 35 years old. Friend, lover, partner, worker, employee, spouse. All people who do physical work that requires strength, stamina or good manual dexterity and precision. Dreamy, opportunistic, skilled, resourceful people with a good practical sense. Inventors, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, sellers and traders.


Action, will, strength, daring, great vitality, independence, energy, courage, initiative, adaptation, combativeness, new opportunity to assert one’s talents, new projects, new work, to take stock, our work, our company, to have all the tools in hands, to be able to solve the problems, the beginning of a relation or a company. Magic, creativity, imagination, inspirations.

Reversed or in opposition: You are not ready, take the time to prepare the plans, you lack tools, think before acting, risk of incompetence or clumsiness at work, corruption at work, important discussion, dispute, you do not like your work, risk of losing one’s job, problems with co-workers. Disappointments, disillusionment, decline of vitality, health problems related to the head, blood pressure and circulation.

Location: Manufacture, attic, roof of the house, all businesses and shops.
Anatomy: Head, eyes, ears, muscles, blood, arterial pressure.

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