The Lovers

The Lovers VI

The Lovers represents love, relationships and important choices about the love life, work or career. In terms of choice, the area of romantic relationships is perhaps one of the biggest areas in which we experience personal growth and challenges as we seek to harmonize with another person.

This could be the choice to become involved in a new love story, or to choose to engage in an existing relationship by making choices that affect both partners.

Character: Escort, mistress, male or female lover. People worried and stressed because they are unable to make a choice or are afraid of making the wrong choice. People who are in a love triangle and do not know what to do.


Harmony, initiation, union, spiritual partnership, important choice to make, love or reason? Good or evil (union or suffering?) Worry, new lover, friendship, professional association, marriage, passion, desire, love triangle, attraction, link with an animal, link with an organization, mirrors (others).

Reversed or in opposition: Difficult love situation, hesitation, instability, jealousy, laziness, heartache, love without a future, uncontrollable anxiety about destiny, do not choose too fast without thinking! Bad choice, unfulfilled desire, problem with the opposite sex, chaos, false promises, infidelity, breakup, separation of the couple, unreliable person, what do I learn in this relationship?

Location: Brothels, swingers clubs or other places of meeting between adults.
Anatomy: The kidneys, bladder or heart (beware)!

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