Justice VIII

Justice in the tarot of Marseille is the eighth, so I choose this position instead of the eleventh cited by other tarot decks, because the tarot of Marseille is the best in my opinion for clairvoyance.

This card is really the card of balance, rationality and logic, using the intellectual mind rather than the emotional self. A balanced mind will be needed to reach a balanced, fair and reasonable decision for all concerned. Legal documents are involved, including marriage agreements at the courthouse.

Character: Judges, lawyers, ushers, people in positions of power, ministers, mayors, police, prison guards, people working in the legal field, men and women of law.


Balance, rigor, sincerity, truth, great wisdom, consequences of our actions according to the justice of men. Marriage at the courthouse and other legal contracts. Weigh the pros and cons of an important decision to make, harmony and balance (work, love, family), efficiency, solving problems, resolve disputes, fair solutions, recovering health, better sleep, a more regular and stable way of life, success in business, treating people in a fair way without exploiting others, success later in time, respect for rules and conventions.

Reversed or in opposition: Injustice, imbalance, betrayal, problems with the law, boring or unfair trials and rarely profitable, feeling of injustice, caution, rigidity, coldness, insensitivity, persecution, disappointment, inconvenience in the marriage, dishonest persons around us, robberies, burglaries, dangerous prisoners, assaults, bickering, falls, fractures, unfair conviction, health problems, vandalism, big slowdown, drought.

Location: Courthouse, prisons, town halls.
Anatomy: Biliary or renal calculi, constipation, deafness.

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