Judgement XX

Judgement is known as the karmic card: “as you sow, so shall you reap.” The results of the seeds you have previously planted, and your past efforts, are now being rewarded.

As a card depicting resurrection, it indicates renewal and revival, dormant matters coming back to life. There is a general feeling of rejuvenation and health matters show improvements. This card represents a time to be happy, with new beginnings.

Character: All professions requiring a strong instinct for creativity, renewal and rebirth. People who work in a waste recycling plant or in the recycling of metals, clothing and other objects that are given a second life. All seed sowers; entrepreneurs with new positive ideas to help the world and farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and grains. Revolutionaries and rebels. Psychologists, social workers and relationship therapists.


Revelation of truth, karma, forgiving, will, accept what life is sending you, change or awareness, understanding, the will of God, love and hope, religious ceremony or ritual, resurrection, rebirth, second chance, change your way of seeing things, the consequence of our actions, asking for forgiveness, cosmic laws, reflections about oneself and others, reconsidering one’s behavior, recognizing one’s weaknesses and mistakes, reconciliation with oneself and others, efforts will be rewarded, clearing bonds, releasing stress, healing or restoring health.

Reversed or in opposition: To be too critical, disappointed hopes, bad news, setbacks, impasse in action, bad judgment or wrong decision, are you on the right track? Warning of changing behavior and thinking that are not positive enough and in harmony with the Universe. Attention a lot of responsibilities are necessary. Change your life, loud liberation, strong will and manners, rebellion. Take a health, family or professional check.

Location: Recycling plants, thrift stores, worship or religious places, places of therapy, reconciliation and forgiveness.

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