The High Priestess

The High Priestess II

The High Priestess represents mysteries and secrets, and this indicates that there is more depth to something than what you have seen so far. It carries the message of potential unexplored, or perhaps unfulfilled. Look again because you may have missed something before.

The influence of this card is feminine in nature, related to the psyche, and therefore represents spirituality and questioning, wisdom and the desire to know and learn. What is hidden, invisible or occult.

Character: Mature woman (40-60 years old) wife, mother, woman of heart who wishes to help and mother, guide full of wisdom and intuition, maturity, counselor, student, person working in the food industry, catering and other work with the public. A missing person or a deceased person or a ghost.


Observe signs, coincidences, studies or additional training, spiritual studies, money, fertility, pregnancy, passivity, outer and inner wealth, creation, reflection. Also symbolizes the moon.

Reversed or in opposition: Difficulties with money or the public, you do not listen enough to your intuition, think of yourself first, do not sacrifice yourself for others, passivity, resignation, be wary or afraid of a woman, lack of knowledge, need spirituality, do not have self-confidence, do not listen advices, impatience, frustrations, hidden business, bad study field, jealousy, gossip, do not use his creativity, do not want to continue his studies, do not accept her femininity or her attraction to women, or problems with the female gender or a particular woman, mother, wife or sister. Period of isolation, lack of friends, wanting to be alone, choosing to be single, communication problems, spousal dungeon, hormonal problems / imbalances, menopause, fertility problems, babies late.

Location: Public places, spiritual temples, teaching places, hospitals.
Anatomy: Belly, breasts, digestive, hormonal and reproductive systems.

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