The Hierophant

The Hierophant V

The Pope may indicate the help of a wise and trusted person, such as a mentor, teacher or religious figure, usually a respected person in the local community, but certainly a person whom the client holds with confidence.

This card often refers to large institutions, such as hospitals, educational institutions, government offices, churches or large organizations. It also suggests compliance and conventional methods of work or reflection, where it is difficult to implement change.

Character: Man aged 40 to 70, doctor, judge, lawyer, priest, bishop, teacher, therapist, psychologist, philosopher, father, husband, brother, grandfather, friend, personal or professional counselor, protector high-placed and powerful.


Protection, religious ceremony (marriage, baptism, burial), church, ethics, insight, knowledge, teachings, instructions, faith, blessing, wisdom, compassionate support, respect for others, need for spiritual values, union, love, peace, outside help. Signature of important papers and all contracts, agreements come to fruition, new work, new partner or partnership in the work. Religious group or sect. Need to see a doctor for checkup or exams.

Reversed or in opposition: The subject must fend for himself, help and protection is waiting, too much egoism, karmic test, lack of faith, shame, too materialistic and not spiritual enough, delay in projects, disagreement, rupture, divorce. Wait before you commit and or sign a contract, religious ceremony delayed or canceled. Problems with the father, grandfather, brother, friend or husband. Health problems.

Location: Clinics, hospitals, private care, churches.
Anatomy: Thighs, legs, joints.

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