The Hermit

The Hermit IX

The Hermit means attentive reflection and contemplation, and withdrawal from the outside world to reflect and find inner wisdom.

This card indicates that you may have all the answers you need, but you need solitude and introspection to access them.

Character: Old man over 60 most often; Solitary, religious, philosopher, hermit, shaman, healer, druid, researcher, historian, archivist, single, divorced, widower, monk, initiate, spiritual master. Person who wants to be alone or who suffers from loneliness or rejection.


Wisdom, knowledge of the secrets of life, old age, patience, silence, seriousness, meticulous craftsmanship, slowness of events, are you sure of what you want ?, it is the time of reflection in front of a certain insecurity? (material?), need to relax, meditate, take stock before making any changes, meditation, retreat, seek help, celibacy, counselor, communion with the soul (needs to find oneself), vacancy where one has time alone to rest.

Reversed or in opposition: Delays, loneliness, sadness, chastity, severity, isolation, being cut off from others, being rejected by others, need for patience, slow things that go on, difficulty moving forward, coldness, greed, poverty, discouragement, skepticism, depression, burn out.

Location: Mines, sad places, monasteries, retreats, cottage in the woods.
Anatomy: Health problems related to old age (rheumatism etc.)

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