The Hanging man

The Hanging Man XII

Life may seem to be in a period of suspension, but it offers the opportunity to look at things from a different and new perspective, which will provide a possible solution through better understanding.

This card may indicate self-sacrifice, sometimes we need to let something go in the short term to gain something considered much more beneficial in the longer term.

Character: Artist, painter, bohemian, thief, prisoner, traitor, unfaithful, crazy, drug addict, alcoholic, sick, depressed, faithful friend, spiritual person not very down to earth. People who feel stuck, unable to act, unable to move forward, unable to make the necessary changes because of fear, disability or illness. People who must make a sacrifice by choice or in spite of themselves.


Sacrifice, not to have both feet on the ground, to accept the trials of life as obstacles necessary to our spiritual evolution. To be upside down, to be blocked, to be unable to act, to dream, to be lazy, to feel stuck or tied up, to wait for a moment, to sacrifice material for the spiritual, to be between two chapters, to wait for the end of something, inner change (forced), indecision, intuition, mystery, flight from reality, forgetfulness of self, transition period, boredom, apathy, abandonment, being on a cloud, pause, uncomfortable situation.

Reversed or in opposition: Betrayal in friendship, love or work, unrealism, world of illusions, fears, suicide, selfishness, depression, useless or imposed sacrifice, unrequited love, love without a future, indecision, awkwardness, lack of determination, change one’s behavior and opinions, we dream in color and we make foolishness, get out of this situation if you can …

Location: Hospitals, asylums, prisons.
Anatomy and Health: Feet, Pineal Gland, Mental Illness. (Beware: Gas, alcohol, drugs, viruses, microbes).

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