The Fool

The Fool

Card without a number or Zero

The zero card number represents the very moment before creation: unexplored potential. This is the only unnumbered card in the package. Yet, zero is also the endless circle and cycle of life, without beginning or end – Alpha and Omega.

There are moments in life when we have to make an act of faith and travel on paths that are unknown to us, but we grow as a result of our experiences.

The Mat is a reminder to listen to the voice of our inner child that reminds us of the excitement of new adventures and ventures into unknown territory.

Character: Bohemian, representative on the road, mystical, exceptional, genius, eccentric, traveler, pilgrim, spiritual master, occultist, homeless person or without a fixed home, frequent traveler, comedian, standup comic, sportsman who likes extreme sports, stuntman , person unable to make commitments, irresponsible person.


New Beginning, Gleesome, Courage, Madness, Innocence, Blind Faith, New Experiences, Freedom Needs, Jumping into the Unconscious, the Unknown, Needs Change, New Life, Obey God Only, Take Risks, Depart, a person more spiritual than material, flight, escape, astral travel, risk of unforeseen events, occasional encounters, occult sciences, a lot of freedom, to spend without counting, unemployment, not wanting any attachment or engaging in something that would interfere with his freedom.

Reversed or in opposition: Ignorance, insecurity, disorder, imbalance, taking big risks, stupidity, naivety, recklessness, irresponsibility, waste, living in illusion, destruction, throwing money out the windows, rebelling, scattering, poverty, fleeing responsibilities, moment of madness, unpleasant event, too much impulsiveness, acting without thinking, wandering, getting rid of one’s property, lack of discipline, flight, runaway of a teenager.

Location: Black water and dormant marshes, ponds and swamps, roads, pathways, places of pilgrimages, theater, film sets, cinema.
Anatomy: Intestines, lower body.
Health: (In reverse): difficult recovery.

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