The Empress

The Empress III

The Empress represents growth, prosperity and fertility. It is a creative card in all its forms, turning to the potential accomplished. This can be in creative efforts and work, but also with children and family. The Empress can represent pregnancy, birth or motherhood, strong and happy relationships and marriage.

Character: Young woman in general from 18 to 50 years old. Siblings, neighbors, children. The clerk, accountant, journalist, librarian, technician, intelligent and active career woman, police officer, lawyer, entrepreneur, director. Intellectuals, down-to-earth people, gardeners, decorators, designers, architects, people who think too much and who can be stressed, ambitious people who have, or are looking for a good salary and / or financial stability. Can also represent animals.


Femininity, the mother earth. Abundance, movement, mind in action, small travels, nervousness, creative and productive phase, dynamism, resourcefulness, joy, health, exercise, outdoor activity, music, dance, decoration, gardening, happiness, understanding, fertility, affection, love, sensuality, pregnancy, harvest, craft, tenderness, positive self-image, physical beauty, wealth or comfort financially, ambition, career, good and lasting relationship, good move, studies, inventions, implement projects and realize them.

Reversed or in opposition: Lack of self-confidence, lack of ambition, mental problem (unable to void, negative thinking, intense stress) financial problems, disagreements, uncontrolled nervousness, unproductivity, not the right moment, to go nowhere, mother too protective, careless, missing or too often absent, matriarch. Requirement, manipulation, jealousy, insecurity, tension, inaction, procrastination, obstacles, poor self-image, letting go, being sad and dull, inattention, extravagance, disharmony in the couple, unhealthy growth, creative / artistic blockages, unused talents , vanity, frivolity, divorce, infidelity, seduction, delay in movement, beware of your negative thoughts, listen to your heart. Menstrual, premenstrual and fertility problems.

Locations: Schools, markets, train stations, travel agencies, office and administrative offices.
Anatomy: Hands, arms, shoulders, fingers, lungs.

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