The Emperor

The Emperor IV

The Emperor is a powerful card and a wonderful omen for business and career matters, as it shows great progress. Well placed this card suggests you are in a powerful position to achieve your goals.

In relationships, it remind us to look at the situation in a more rational manner and not to become overly emotional regarding issues; to look at things with a clear head, in order to achieve successful results and financial stability for the family. It can also represent a powerful male influence.

Character: Man in general 30 to 50 years old, spouse, husband, father, brother, friend, reliable person, boss, boss, civil servant, director, owner, banker, wholesale trader, policeman, military, financial advisor, entrepreneur, man case, lawyer, judge. Down-to-earth, intellectual, protective, who is rich or financially comfortable with a lot of influence and some authority.


Male archetype, patriarch. Authority, method, hierarchy, skepticism, scientific evidence, solidity, controlled emotions, material success, rational logic, social status, experience, integrity, education, power, protection, financial stability, wealth, order, official bodies, ambition, dominant position, promotion, legal justice, solid projects, constructive ideas, material success. Good stable relationship.

Reversed or in opposition: Lack of discipline, indecision, opposition to any form of authority and power. Severity, rigidity, anger, tyranny, caos. Superficial or sexual love relationship, loss of spouse or husband, financial instability, management errors, unstable jobs, conflict with official bodies, conflict with boss, debts, abuse of power, financial problems, problems with someone in a position of authority, man too authoritarian or brutal man, delayed material success, obstruction, impossibility to act, laziness. Problem with men in general or do not accept his masculinity or his homosexuality.

Location: Courts, banks, ministries, governments.
Anatomy: Liver, stomach.

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