Death XIII

The death card (or the nameless card) announces the end of a phase of our life to make room for a new phase. It represents major changes and a difficult but sometimes necessary internal transformation. The death card can free us from what we no longer need in our lives, but which we continue to cling to because we fear changes.

It may also be the actual physical death of a friend or relative but it is much rarer, most of the time death represents the end of a relationship; we cut ties, bridges with people who have often become now with values, hobbies or goals too different from our new way of life.

Character: A person who is bored to death, who has a love life whose flame is dead, it’s dead at work or who is bored to death. Person with a fatal illness so days are counted or person in danger of death. Person who works for a funeral home, a cemetery or does autopsies or embalming on deceased. Investigator working on homicides. Medium in contact with the dead and other spirits of the astral world.


Cutting ties with people (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) Or making cuts in projects, expenses, activities or hours of work, transformation, metamorphosis, rebirth, renewal, evolution, sudden and radical change, new life; symbolic death of the old, the end of something. Mourning, inheritance, initiation, physical death, illness, failure, financial loss, difficult change of partner, job or home. Dead, spirits and communication with spirits. Turning the page on our past and looking forward to start a new page of in our life. We are taking risks that can cost us our life!

Reversed or in opposition: No major change on the horizon you are not ready, refusal to make the changes that are important and necessary, refusal to cut ties with negative people who are toxic to us, blow of fate, forced renunciation, deep depression, everything is at a standstill and we cannot do anything for now, love is dead, to die of boredom, to die to things, to be afraid of dying, not accepting the death of a loved one, not being able to mourn, danger of death, serious illness or serious accident avoided, physical death of a few minutes but returning to life, ruin, one feels like a living dead, harmful spirit.

Location: Undergrounds, cemeteries, funeral homes.

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