The Chariot

The Chariot VII

The Chariot is a card of triumph, though not without effort. It informs you that self-discipline will be required, but if you can master this then victory can be achieved.

Therefore, focus is needed upon one path; scattered energies will not bring achievement of the goal. The Chariot also indicate travel or moving.

Character: Drivers of cars, buses, taxis, truck drivers, movers, racing drivers, aircraft pilots, train and subway drivers. Everyone who works in the field of transport and travel. Travelers and fighters.


Triumph, victory, harmony, success, freedom, adrenaline, thrills, adventures, fights, merit and victory over oneself and others, balance of the feminine and the masculine (Ying and Yang), a creative and dynamic being who moves (realization), luck, beauty, travels, movement, mastery, pleasant moves, advancement, ambition.

Reversed or in opposition: Temporary blockages, do not force events, travel delayed or small problem on a trip, bad road, forced move, delay or unpleasant unexpected event asking for time and money, difficult material situation, difficult fight, failure, incompetence, overestimating oneself, false image of self or others.

Location: Train stations, airports, racetracks, private and public transport.
Anatomy: Kidneys in very good health.

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